Monday, September 30, 2019


Open letter to Greta.

Thank you for honoring us through your visit to Canada, especially to Montreal where my family and I reside. I had the privilege to see you from a distance at Mount-Royal Park.

 I need not state the obvious, that you have started a global movement, regarding climate change, which is empowering us all to speak out, especially our children and grandchildren. As a grandfather, and someone who is well-read in science, I was fearful of the future for my children and grandchildren but now I know there is hope.

 My generation, known as the baby boomers, are the product of hope for a better future. Following a disastrous war, where millions died, we were encouraged by society to achieve prosperity at any cost and thus we did. We raised our children, your parents, to have three or more of everything, when only one would suffice, thus, we degraded and stole life-sustaining resources from other living things in our ecosystem. Today, our children, your parents, tell us that this is wrong and we are beginning to listen. As a young person, you cannot wait for us old folks to act and so you shouldn't! In very few years, your generation, which is being prepared to act by people like you, will be able to participate in our democracies and "make change and sacrifice", where needed.

 Have hope. We are an intelligent species and we will meet the challenges needed for our survival and that of other living things. You are a child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars. You have a right to be here and we are grateful that you have come to be here among us in this critical time of our existence.

Mr. Leousis, taking a selfie to show crowds moving in the background towards, 

Monument Sir George-√Čtienne.

For those of you who have been following my stories from the very beginning, you can understand the heavy emotional impact I have experienced this day when I arrived to participate in this historic event on climate change. Climbing the Mt-Royal Mountain, I felt this "coming home", by the spirits of this place.
Here was the resting place of my love Lucy. Descending down the hill of Rue Mont-Royal, the intersection with Park Avenue, I had flashes of my beautiful horse Esprit, lying on the ground, frothing in pain as he bled from the crash with the unexpecting vehicle that crashed into him.

Rue Mont-Royal, near Ave. Park. In the distance people are arriving by the thousands,  heading towards, Monument Sir George-Etienne to begin the climate change march.

Near the Monument to Sir George-√Čtienne, where Greta addresses the thousands gathered there, emotions and visions of my friend and mentor, M. Joseph on his caleche filled me so much, that I could not go any closer to hear Greta speak. The emotions were too strong with vivid memories of my youth and all that had taken place in these sacred grounds of Mount-Royal.

The initial get together at Monument Sir George-Etienne to begin the climate change march.

 Still, an eerie feeling came over me, that after all these years, "The Light", was working to awaken humanity to the collective wisdom, the way to the Elysian fields.

The Climate Change march, downtown Montreal.

For those sceptics who have been questioning the circumstance and truthfulness of my stories, I ask that they consider why after all these years and numerous events, I have described in detail, why this critical event for humanity, saw its greatest show of human involvement, in Montreal and specifically, in the Plateau-Mont-Royal, an area where most of my life's events have taken place over the years? Perhaps, "just another coincidence

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